To infinity and beyond

According to Sir Richard Branson – interviewed this week on the Jonathan Ross Show – the inspiration for his Virgin Galactic space travel came from a viewer’s suggestion on children’s TV show, Going Live in 1988. Not one to be deterred by a challenge, Branson went on to say that his vision includes Virgin hotels in space and holidays to Mars. This got us thinking about out of this world travel experiences.


Space is all the rage at the moment (just look at the runaway success of Gravity).  Branson is hoping that the first commercial space flight will take off as early as this autumn. The Virgin Galactic spaceship can accommodate six passengers plus two pilots. Tom Hanks and Angelina Jolie are among the hundreds who have paid up to £155,000 to take a two hour trip, which will see them reach 62 miles above earth and experience five minutes of weightlessness.

Back down on planet Earth, for those of us whose budget is a little shy of this, there are plenty of mind-boggling experiences and extra-ordinary destinations to keep us chomping at the bit. In our last blog post we talked about the Explorer Travel Insurance team’s dream trips. From Bora Bora to Beijing we unearthed bucket list destinations around the globe that each of us is hoping to tick off in the not too distant future. (Interestingly, no one mentioned outer space.)

Out of this world doesn’t have to be taken literally! Seeing the Northern Lights in full force, canoeing the Zambezi, swimming with sharks, a helicopter tour over the Grand Canyon…whatever floats your boat, this planet has some awesome adventures in store. Maybe we don’t all need to be Shackleton or Scott to marvel at its wonders. Sometimes there is wonder in putting yourself in the frame of a picture you’ve seen captured a hundred times over; in front of the Taj Mahal, sunrise at Uluru, on a Gondola in Venice.

Plus, in all truthfulness, you’re going to struggle to find a travel insurance premium to cover you on Mars.

Tell us where YOU would go on an out of this world holiday!

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