They think it’s all over… how not to let football stop play this summer

Sometimes it pays to be organised when it comes to summer holidays. Never is this more true than when it comes to major sporting events that may conflict with your plans. There was talk in Explorer Travel Insurance Towers last week about the World Cup… one of the team has all fixtures already inserted into the family calendar to avoid any clash with key matches (June 12 – July 13).

Brazil 2014

It seems we’re not the only ones with Brazil 2014 on our minds. One of the most-watched TV events in the world, the FIFA World Cup in South Africa drew a viewing audience of more than 3.2 billion people in 2010, nearly half the world’s population. Hollywood is preparing to cram some of its biggest movie releases of the year into the weeks following the World Cup, with an anticipated crush of big hitters likely to flood the market in late July and early August.

Nearly 2,000 extra flights to Brazil have been authorised to cope with demand, with the usual controversy over air ticket and hotel prices making headlines. Three million home fans and 600,000 visiting fans are expected to travel for the event. But for anyone wishing to avoid the World Cup, it’s not simply a question of steering clear of South America. What about the likelihood of being bombarded by the beautiful game on TVs in bars in popular holiday destinations?

Scotland (who didn’t make the cut), Bhutan (where archery is the national sport) and Iran have been touted as good places to escape the action or why not take a cruise to the Arctic Circle. Huge swathes of Africa and Asia won’t be represented in Brazil, along with the Bahamas and Mauritius, whilst on Sri Lankan shores football is yet to catch on.

This could be the year to take up camping, climb Mt Kilimanjaro or book that sailing trip. Shopping malls and city centres can be blissful when games are on…Plan ahead and time visits to theme parks and major attractions during matches. If nothing else, get stuck into a good book and tackle the garden!

Of course, if you’re a football fan, the best plan is to book time off work, stock the fridge and pray that Roy Hodgson and team can pull it out of the bag.

What will you be doing whilst the action takes place on pitch?

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