Going solo in Acapulco

In their Winter 2013 travel insurance review, Which? identified a growing trend for buying single trip insurance policies rather than opting for an annual one, saying that it can be cheaper, depending on where in the world you’re going.


Certainly this can be the case for holidays to Europe across many providers.  It’s a different story when it comes to buying worldwide cover to include the USA and Canada, where medical bills can be high. They concluded that if you’re planning one trip to the USA and a further two trips outside of the UK then you’re better off with an annual worldwide policy. Naturally other factors, such as age, can also play a part.

In a customer survey we conducted last year, we found that 78% of those polled were opting to buy single trip insurance as a rule. A quarter of respondents said that was so as to ensure they chose the right policy for each trip, with health and accidents as the primary motivating factor.

As a nation it seems that we’re not travelling less, we’ve just become more discerning in our policy purchase choices and the majority of globe-trotting travellers want to select tailor made cover for each trip. Our survey also identified that whilst the older generation may be perceived to be enjoying a footloose existence spending the grandchildren’s inheritance, the blow the budget, bucket list holiday of a lifetime is a thing of the past.

Instead, the over 50s are opting to take multiple trips in a bid to see more of the world in bite sized chunks. Over half of survey respondents said that they take two or more holidays of a week or longer a year. So whether you plan to top up the tan in Acapulco, cruise the Med or set out in search of the Northern Lights, the sage advice from Which? is to get a quote for each trip. Of course, that assumes you’ve planned your travels well in advance for the year ahead!

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