Easter: it’s about time!

The four-day Easter break is almost upon us (heave collective sigh) and so thoughts in the office have naturally turned to chocolate, DIY and days out with the family.


Easter is somewhat late this year. Blame the sun, the moon and the Egyptians… One explanation for the shifting date is that the festival of Easter seeks to find harmony between the Egyptian solar calendar and the lunar system favoured by the Hebrews. As a general rule of thumb, Easter day falls on the first Sunday after the first full moon after 21 March.

Simply put, we stand a better chance of warm days in the garden rather than snow this year.

So how will you choose to spend it? For those of us staying at home, Visit England has complied a fabulous if not daunting list of amazing seaside jaunts for the Easter holidays, from jet-skiing to funfairs.

Many of us will use the long weekend to leave these shores and there is plenty of inspiration out there for where to head.  Mail Online says families are quids in this Easter, with prices for family holidays dropping by as much as 25% this year. Cape Town offers particularly good value for the Easter week as do Marrakech in Morocco and, believe it or not, Paris. We shouldn’t take a leaf out of the Camerons’ book and head to Lanzarote however, as the Canary Islands is touted as one of the destinations that’s seen travel prices rise.

But with Gatwick expecting around 1.8 million passengers to travel through the airport over the holidays, you could be forgiven for digging out the bucket and spade and dusting off the BBQ instead.

Wherever you’re heading, consider yourselves fortunate. For some families, the Easter break is one big revision nightmare. According to the Telegraph, instead of taking mini-breaks in Cornwall or buying mini-eggs for treasure hunts, parents are frantically shelling out for private tutors this holiday instead.

If you are braving a family trip this holiday, don’t forget to add travel insurance to the to do list. And for those of us not going anywhere? You’ll find us somewhere between the paintbrush and the lawn mower!





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