Should you follow FCO advice?

You’ve checked the school calendar, booked the flights and started a holiday ‘to do’ list…but have you consulted the government about your next trip?!

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) website should probably be the first port of call for anyone planning a trip abroad, but do we all pay heed to the raft of regularly updated advisories and does it really matter if we don’t?


Whether you’re an intrepid, independent traveller, a seasoned travel pro or simply booking a two week sunshine holiday, a little knowledge may help you go a long way!

According to the Foreign Office UK residents make around 55 million trips abroad each year.  It won’t come as a surprise that travel to Somalia is a no-no for the FCO but with the constantly changing global landscape what it is, you’ll need to keep your finger on the pulse to know where in Thailand, Egypt and Kenya may be off limits.

Because although you may still be able to buy flights to a destination, your travel insurance is unlikely to cover you if you choose to visit somewhere against FCO advice.

A recent debate on saw some people question the ‘blanket’ approach adopted by the FCO.

The FCO website says:  “We base our travel advice on information from a number of sources including local knowledge from our embassies abroad and in some cases information gathered by the intelligence services.

“The level of detail in our travel advice may vary from place to place according to the amount of information we are able to gather.”

For the most up to date, comprehensive advice visit the FCO’s Know Before You Go site:

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