Small is beautiful – when it comes to travel insurance companies, size matters

Perusing one of the many market comparison sites for travel insurance can be a frustrating and confusing task. The number of different companies both familiar and unfamiliar, with infinite variations in price and coverage stretching into pages and pages of quotes can be enough to make you lose your will to even bother going on holiday.


How do we deal with this overabundance of choice? Do we make our decision in terms of price? Or cover? Or service? Inevitably it will be a combination of all three but did you ever consider putting the size of the insurance company into that equation?

When you think about it, the size of the company you are buying insurance from is quite an important consideration. If you bought your insurance from a one man band for instance, can they provide the support and assistance you need during and post sale? Similarly, if you were to buy it from a huge conglomerate employing tens of thousands of people, the service you could expect to receive might well be cold and far from personalised. Obviously there is a balance to be struck here but there are actually a lot of benefits to going on the smaller side.

Smaller companies will, by definition, have fewer employees and often a far smaller number of different departments. This means that when you deal with them you will most likely be dealing with the same person from start to finish, which automatically makes the service feel more personal.

Putting a human face, or at least a voice, to your policy is something that a lot of people will find important. Being able to speak with the same people throughout your dealings with an insurance company can really make a difference, and it may well mean that you get a more focussed and personalised service from people who know who you are and what you need.

Those of us on the more petite side without massive overheads can also keep premiums as competitive as possible. Now that’s got to be worth factoring in to your choice of provider!

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