In the pink – top tips on travelling with a medical condition

Hope you don’t mind us asking, but how are you feeling?

It seems that travel insurance companies are demanding more information than ever about customers’ medical histories, with one provider placed under the spotlight in the Daily Telegraph a few months ago for demanding customers disclose every visit to their GP.

Non-disclosure of medical history is a topic often covered by the media.  It would be fair to say that many of us may not know the full details of any health conditions that might affect our ability to travel when we purchase a policy.

There is also widespread uncertainty about what ‘conditions’ this applies to.  It’s always best to be on the safe side, so we recommend customers call us if they’re uncertain what conditions they should declare. Once we know all the details we will be able to advise what impact, if any, it has on the policy and this will also ensure peace of mind.

We generally advise customers that there are certain conditions we need to know about however long ago they received treatment for them.  We also need to know about any conditions a client is currently being treated for or has been treated for in the last 12 months.

The golden rule of thumb is to be as honest as possible when purchasing travel insurance. Whether you’re purchasing an annual or even a single trip policy in advance, you need to let your insurer know of any changes to your health condition prior to travel.

All of our policy documents can be viewed in full on our website ( Customers should take time to read these in full to make sure they are happy with the cover that they are securing, in particular by referring to the “Important conditions relating to health” section.

Wherever you’re going this bank holiday, make sure you’re fit to travel!

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