Top Tips for Backpackers

According to the latest figures from ABTA and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, more than a third of young Brits don’t believe it’s necessary to take out insurance to travel overseas. Furthermore, 16% of the 16-24 year olds surveyed wrongly presumed that all of their treatment costs would be covered by the UK Government if they had an accident or fell ill while abroad.

The news prompted the Explorer Travel Insurance team to pool together our top tips for backpackers.


Many people don’t bother or simply forget to get vaccinated before going on their backpacking adventure. Traveling to other parts of the world can be immensely exiting but be aware of the risk of picking up a local virus or bug; getting ill for weeks can turn your holiday heaven into hell. Research the areas you are traveling to and make sure you get the right vaccinations.Your GP or practice nurse can give general advice or visit the website.

Make sure you have a good backpack!Do your research and don’t get overwhelmed by the amount of choice available. The backpack is, unsurprisingly, the most important piece of kit for a backpacker. Check reviews by people who’ve tried and tested the product, such as prominent travel bloggers:

Check, check again and triple check your passport. We all know someone who has booked a holiday, packed a bag and gone to the airport only to realise that they have either forgotten their passport or it has expired. Make sure you have a valid passport, and that there is plenty of time for you to complete your trip before it expires.

Pack some dollars. The US Dollar is the most accepted currency on the planet so a backup fund of “greens” can come in handy if you lack local currency and the nearest ATM is miles away. In some countries tourist visas are bought upon arrival using USD.

Your backpacking adventure will offer plenty of photo opportunities so make sure to bring an extra memory card; you don’t want to be wasting time deleting pictures while you miss out on all the best snapping opportunities.

Finally, make sure you’re covered with the righttravel insurance, wherever you’re going and whatever you’re planning to do, from trekking to white water rafting. Travelling the world can be a risky business. A lot of the time the level of risk we experience on holiday may be no higher than it is at home, however the consequences of those risks can be much costlier without adequate insurance.

Above all, enjoy!

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