Can’t move for kids on school holidays?

Whether you are escaping your own children for a bit of respite, or just avoiding kids in general, having your much longed for ‘grown-up’ holiday dominated by other people’s children is, to put it mildly, disheartening. The obvious solution is to go during term-time, but for many this isn’t an option – think of teachers, for example. Perhaps you’re just back from a holiday marred by the clatter of tiny feet, and you’ve promised yourself that next year will not be a rowdy repeat. Or maybe you are surrounded by kids on their school holidays and you need to get away – and fast! Whether you are planning ahead or looking for an immediate escape, here are some options for you.


1. Check into a spa hotel. Most spas will have an adult-only policy; if they don’t, it should be fairly easy to find one that does. Regardless of the policy, you are unlikely to encounter infants in such a place. Enjoy the pursuit of a shared goal: to switch off, to relax, to zone out. There are luxurious havens all over the place: some of our favourites are in Lake Maggiore, Paphos, Chamonix – and London. Choose a location with interesting surroundings so that if you feel inclined to venture out, you can enjoy some culture or countryside too – but should you come across a throng of children, you can beat a hasty retreat to the comfort and serenity of your sun lounger.

2. Choose an adult-only hotel or cruise. You can’t insure against annoying fellow holiday makers, but this is one way to guarantee a child-free zone. P&O run a couple of adult-only cruises, and Warner Leisure Hotels have a good number of beautiful, peaceful places to stay.

3. Be savvy in your planning. You don’t have to shut yourself away in a sauna or pay the ‘no kids guaranteed’ surcharge. If you do have to holiday when all the families are out seeking their fun, think carefully about where you go. Avoid budget chain hotels as their promotions are likely to attract families who are trying to make a holiday affordable; opt instead for boutique B&Bs, historic inns and upmarket hotels. Steer clear of the big tourist attractions, and take the opportunity to soak up some high culture. Find out about the lesser known, less accessible beaches; as a general rule, the more facilities a beach has, the greater the number of families will flock there.

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