Leave the passport at home: 10 ideas for a UK holiday

The word from hotel chains and holiday cottage companies is that more and more Brits are enjoying a ‘staycation’. And why bother when just about every kind of holiday is waiting on your doorstep?


  1. Take a road trip: forget Route 66, fill up your tank and drive around the edge of Scotland or Wales, taking in coastal roads, mountainous backdrops and eerie ruins along the way.
  2. Walk a national trail: there are 15 officially designated long distance routes for walkers, all clearly signed and with masses of information on the National Trail website (www.nationaltrails.co.uk). Hadrian’s Wall is a favourite of ours: 84 miles of the best of British – stunning scenery, epic history and some fantastic pubs serving hearty food and good ale.
  3. Enjoy a city break: mainland Europe doesn’t have the monopoly on the city break. Choose a city you haven’t been to – Manchester, Bristol or York maybe – and book a central hotel. Download The Good Food Guide app, fill-up on delicious local fare and set out to explore.
  4. Island hopping: there is a great number of islands just a stone’s throw away from our shores, all different in character from the mainland and from each other: the Scilly Isles, the Orkneys, the Isle of Wight, the Hebrides to name just a few…
  5. Catch the waves: head to a beach in the West Country and become part of the surfing community. Why not book a cottage or campsite near Bude or Newquay and sign up for surf school? If the weather proves off-putting, there are cream teas aplenty to keep you busy while you wait for the rain to pass.
  6. Wildlife safari: the Isle of Mull is sheer paradise for lovers of Scotland’s natural heritage. A four-day wildlife tour gives you the chance to track down a great variety of beautiful creatures, including Minke whales, basking sharks, porpoise, otters, the majestic golden and white-tailed eagles and many other birds.
  7. A literary tour: if you like both to read and holiday with purpose, combine the two. Head to the Lakes to discover Wordsworth, to Dorset to understand Hardy, or to Oxford to be inspired like C.S. Lewis and Tolkein.
  8. Stay at a vineyard: English wines continue to be on the up. Book into the Three Choirs in Gloucestershire or Kent’s Biddenden Vineyards, and sit back, wine in hand, and admire the glorious English countryside.
  9. Be a tourist in your local area: so often we don’t do things when they are on our doorstep. Draw up an itinerary and act the tourist: take a bus tour, visit your local museum, walk to a local landmark – you’re guaranteed to find out something new about your home.
  10. Stick a pin in a map: If you want a break from making any decisions, close your eyes, open up an atlas, and stick a pin it. Where will this adventure take you?


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