5 (more) travel blogs that shouldn’t be missed

At Explorer Travel Insurance, we love reading about travelling the world – so the burgeoning travel blogging industry is a dream for us. ‘Travel bragging’ – letting everyone know just how much fun you’re having – can and often is, done in a brilliantly entertaining way, but if it’s not written well, you may well wonder why you are reading it. Happily, there are those blogs that combine an engaging writing style with the sharing of ideas, inspiration and incredibly useful practical advice. Whether you are travelling on a shoestring or on a champagne-fuelled world tour, you still want value for money – and the beauty of a travel blog is the on-the-ground research has been done for you. Here are five great blogs we’ve been following recently.

A Luxury Travel Blog

Vickyflipflop Travels: A cheerfully candid blog about chasing the fun, and squeezing the most you can out of time off and limited resources. Twenty-something Londoner Vicky’s travel tastes are ‘cool festivals and epic holidays’ and we’ve loved reading her posts from Budapest’s Sziget festival.

Unbrave Girl: Originally a means of sharing funny stories about her travels in Asia with family back home, Unbravegirl.com has picked up awards for its humorous style. In a refreshing change from the many self-confident adrenalin-junkies that populate this field, Sally is a self-proclaimed ‘scaredy cat’, but is most funny when outside her comfort zone.

Inside the Travel Lab: Writer and photographer Abi traded her doctor’s coat for a life on the road and has attracted praise from many quarters, from Grazia to the Independent. Lonely Planet list her as one of the best travel bloggers in the world and Cosmopolitan says ‘she makes us feel a little bit more intelligent just by reading her posts’. Unusual travel, thoughtful journeys and luxury – if you want something with a little more substance, this might be the blog to inspire you.

The Travel Hack: ‘flashpacker’ or ‘glampacker’ – whichever term you prefer – Monica enjoys a stylish adventure, where budget and luxury can sit side by side. She’s travelled the world on pennies, but is now based in the UK and in full time work so has to make the most of her annual leave. A great blog if you too are ready to upgrade from a rucksack. Cosmopolitan list her as a favourite travel blogger and her Instagram galleries have attracted admirers too.

A Luxury Travel Blog: A hugely popular blog with 400,000 unique visitors a month, A Luxury Travel Blog is a pretty rare creature in this field: nothing is done on a shoestring. Blogger Paul’s ethos is that you get what you pay for and ‘if you splurge a little here and there, you rarely find yourself regretting it later’. Focusing on the finer aspects of travel, it serves as a gateway for the discerning traveller who wants to know about luxurious hotels, restaurants and fabulous, once-in-a-lifetime holiday experiences.

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