Accommodation with a difference

There is a lot to be said for booking a chain hotel: at the end of a long journey, it’s comforting to rock up to the familiar, knowing just what to expect. But when was the last time you were blown away by your hotel room? For a truly memorable stay, consider staying somewhere unusual, where the unexpected is part of the fun. Here are five bedrooms we think look pretty unforgettable.

St Katharine B&B Boat, Barcelona

St Katharine B&B Boat, Barcelona

  1. Under the sea in Sweden: Just a short boat ride away from Sweden’s Västerås harbour, the quirky Hotel Otter Inn is a one up, one down: the deck on top is ideal for relaxing and admiring the stunning scenery, while the underwater chamber below boasts mesmerising views of fish gliding past your window. Either order room service to be ferried out to you, or you can hop into a dinghy and head into town for your dinner. It’s an art project and a unique retreat rolled into one.
  1. In a windmill in Norfolk: Commanding breathtaking views over the salt marshes to the sea, Cley Windmill will have you gazing out of its windows in wonder. A well-known landmark on the north Norfolk coast, it now offers B&B accommodation, putting guests up in rooms packed with charm and character. A real draw is the fabulous circular sitting room on the ground floor which scores highly on the comfort meter: a roaring open fire and inviting sofas await.
  1. On a boat in Barcelona: Perfectly moored in a quiet marina just 10 minutes’ metro ride from the city centre, St Katharine B&B Boat is an affordable and alternative way to enjoy Barcelona’s hospitality. With luxury cabins, spacious decks for sunbathing, and delicious tapas and paella served on board, you need not venture far at all. There are five cabins available so why not join forces with friends or family, hire the whole thing and revel in having your very own floating apartment.
  1. In an Italian trullo: Trulli have come a long way since their original function as a temporary field shelter or storehouse. Nestled in the heart of rural Puglia, these stone huts with their distinctive conical roofs are now more synonymous with luxurious, romantic getaways, often coming with a private pool and all mod cons.
  1. Inside a beagle in Idaho: Yes, really – a beagle. The Dog Bark Park Inn is surely the only guesthouse to be concealed inside an enormous dog statue, created by the husband and wife owners, both chainsaw-artists. Guests enter the body from a private second storey deck; in the head, there is a loft room with additional sleeping space, and a further alcove in the muzzle. Furnished with all things canine, if you love dogs this is a must stay.




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