3 travel websites to use when planning your next holiday

It seems there is a website for everything these days; including travel. The team at Explorer Travel Insurance are travel enthusiasts and have selected three of their favourite travel websites to use when planning a holiday.

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An upcoming social media travel website that was built from the ground up by three passionate lovers of travel. TripTease aims to improve the arduous travel planning and booking process. As a member of TripTease, you are able to log in to the website and write visual stories of past destinations you have visited. In turn, other visitors are able to engage with your story; revealing other places around the world you may want to visit. It’s worth a try.

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Never travel alone again. Tempting? Then visit TravBuddy and find fellow travellers who are visiting the same area as you. The website boasts active blogs, a forum, and plenty of reviews to assist you in finding the next travel adventure. By just scanning the member list, you will see an eager community of travellers who are looking for company on their journeys. If you’re considering a Gap Year, then this travel site may be your secret weapon.

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Couch Surfing

Some say to really understand a destination you need to understands its people. If you’re daring and don’t mind exchanging the comfort of a hotel with someone’s home, then Couch Surfing may be your secret weapon for travelling the world on a budget. Couch Surfing is a website that will allow you to find free or cheap places to stay in peoples’ homes. The best members will welcome you to their home and may give you a tour of the local area. With thousands of members, Couch Surfing is an increasingly popular method of travel, with some claiming it is denting the profits of hoteliers.

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