This is how you travel on a budget


You can’t just decide to travel the world on a budget by choosing a cheap plane ticket and travelling on a whim. Everything needs to be planned (including insurance, obviously!). Make sure that the itinerary you have planned works in the real world (especially when considering any travel changes) and that you get advice from other budget travellers. For example, here is advice about itinerary planning.

Couch Surf the World
Ever since our blog post last week about couch surfing, the office has been full of heated debates about this method of travel. Some are more than happy to socially mix with multiple people around the world. Others (who have couch surfed) explain that couch surfing more than two nights in a row can be an exhausting experience. No matter what your view is, there is no doubt it is one of the cheapest methods of travel. Here’s the website.

Budget hotels and hostels are your bread and butter
If you’re travelling on a budget, then budget hotels and hostels are usually the first step. These are skyrocketing in popularity, especially with the growth of ‘poshtels’; simply posh hostels. Some bloggers believe that the days of the bland hotel chains are numbered, with many preferring equally budget but luxury accommodation in boutique hotels.

Follow the advice of experts
When it comes to budget travel tips, there are millions. Whether you are backpacking, on a Gap Year, a professional couple or adventurous seniors – budget travel is for everyone. So follow the advice of experts by picking a travel blogger who speaks your travel language the best. Here is a list of 25.

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