Adventure activities every backpacker must try

We deal with backpackers a lot, as one of our most popular insurance offerings will cover your trip of a lifetime up to 18 months long. Of all 50 adventure activities that are covered as part of our policy, here are our favourites.

Paragliding* in France
Mont Blanc is the highest peak in Europe, which makes it an irresistible location for those who paraglide. Pilots launch themselves from the peak, which stands at an impressive 14,500 ft – then enjoy a smooth glide, witnessing views of France, Switzerland and Italy.


Sky Diving*
One of the best places to sky dive in Europe is Aversi in Denmark. If you’re a beginner you can join the club for training, or you can enjoy the company of other professional skydivers. Our words won’t necessarily do justice to the activity, so watch the below video instead.

Quad Biking*
Roaming the world as a backpacker can often mean slow progress, relying on your legs to work reliable so that you can make it between location A and B. If you fancy quickening the pace of life one day, then go quad biking. There are literally hundreds of places that offer quad biking across Europe. Just make sure you wear your helmet and have some supervision!


Pony Trekking
This adventure activity is for the backpackers who prefer to not be thrown out of an aeroplane or pump their body full of adrenaline. It is calming, an alternative way to view the countryside – it is also completely ecologically friendly. A natural way to view natural landscapes. There are many places across Europe you can do pony trekking, but view this Guardian article to see some of the best routes.



* requires an additional premium

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