Our Top 3 Cities to Visit in Europe

If you’re looking for a holiday from the ‘daily grind’ then city breaks are a popular choice. They use less holiday time if you’re employed, are full of attractions and are an opportunity to sample different cultures and way of life. With over 50 countries in Europe, which equates to over 450 cities, it can be difficult picking the right one.

So we’ve selected our top three cities below. Which would be your choice?


Amsterdam, Netherlands
Amsterdam is one of the most popular city destinations in Europe with over 4 million tourists visiting each year. Its winding canal network weaves its way through an untouched architectural landscape, including the popular Anne Frank museum that has become a worldwide memorial. Random fact: It’s suspected that there are over 600,000 bicycles dotted around the city.


Prague, Czech Republic
Where would you rather go, East or West Prague? The East of Prague is located on the east side of the Vlatava River that sits next to the old town, whereas the west of Prague features a number of luxurious villas and hotels. No matter where you choose to stay; Prague is one of our most captivating destinations thanks to its impressive history (it’s an UNESCO World Heritage site) and its varied architecture.


Budapest, Hungary
One of the largest cities in Europe with an intricate network of 100+ springs and boreholes that fuels the city’s impressive amount of baths. If you visit you must tour the World Heritage-listed Royal Palace and Castle Hill and the city’s old cobbled streets; seek out its numerous pubs and bars that have made Budapest’s nightlife so renowned.

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