What kind of traveller are you?

No matter where in the world you are travelling. No matter how you are doing it. We guarantee you’ll bump into some of these characters below. Perhaps you’ve already met a few of them? Let us know!


The Newbie
You can spot these characters at the airport, wearing their beachwear as they step off the plane into the British Winter. They are new to travel and are still learning the basics. We shouldn’t mock them, we all start here, but they are certainly characters to watch – if only for their own sake!


The Hardcore Party Goer
The only thing these characters care about is finding a party spot and dancing away until the early hours of the morning. Loud music, drinks and high-octane club action – the destination must have nightlife. In fact, these characters probably never see their getaway in the full light of day.


The Historical Muse
Whatever you do, stay away from the museums. These characters will spend HOURS reading every plaque of a museum exhibit and then probably retrace their steps to get “extra value for their entrance money”. Geeks come in all shapes and sizes – their holidays are efficiently planned and cover all archaeological sites and educational memorabilia.


The ‘I don’t want to eat that even though I haven’t tried it before’ Person
Some say to really understand a destination you must walk in the footsteps of its locals. If this is the case, then there is no doubt that food must be the lifeblood of a destination. However, the ‘I don’t want to eat that even thought I haven’t tried it before’ person isn’t tempted. Ah well. We’re not all gastronomic adventurers.


The Workaholic
Haven’t the wonders of mobile technology made our lives so much easier? Well. No. Not really. If you’re the victim of the workaholic then relaxing holiday conversations simply don’t exist, everything is about the office. You may want to leave the struggles of everyday life at home, but the workaholic can’t help being tied down – they are addicts!

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