The Top Fishing Destinations in Europe

If you enjoy fishing, then this is a post for you. There are numerous places to fish around Europe but here are some of our carefully selected favourites.

Laxa River, Iceland

Salmon and trout fishing in Iceland
One of the top places to go fishing in Europe is the Laxa River, Iceland. It has a reputation for producing a colossal amount of salmon and trout – so much that a rota has been put in place in some places to limit 20 catches per rod per day! In the summer months the river will change colour due to the build-up of algae but don’t let that you deter you, the colour changes simply act as a reminder that the river is a perfect ecosystem.

River Naver, Scotland

Salmon and grilse fishing in Scotland
Sutherland in Scotland is known as one of the only true remaining wildernesses in the UK. The River Naver flows through the north of Scotland and with it holds plenty of salmon and grilse. Take a tent, fish during the day and then cook your catches in the evening – it’s a real retreat.

Swiss Alps lake

Brown and brook trout in Switzerland
Believe us, there is no better location to go fishing. Surrounded by the Swiss Alps, take a boat out into mountain lakes or discover fish fertile steams – the choice is yours. Have a great time but do respect the local conservation rules, wildlife in the Alps is carefully protected.

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