10 Tips that make travelling alone a truly rewarding experience

Travelling alone can be a truly rewarding experience, offering travellers the opportunity to meet new people and experience destinations in a way not possible when travelling with a companion or in a group.


Use the ten-point checklist to help you get the most from your trip

  • Let people know where you will be going. Make sure you have a clear understanding of travel plans, where you will be staying and keep your belongings close to you. Even if you meet friendly people, always be self-aware of your situation.
  • Watch the way you dress. Wear sensible clothes and make sure nothing expensive is on show (you don’t want to be a target for crime). Also keep in mind that some destinations will expect you to dress in certain ways, especially if you’re visiting sacred sites.
  • Pack light. Don’t take a hoard of heavy suitcases, as you’ll probably be on the move most the time. Pack the bare minimum (ideally a rucksack).
  • Watch your mobile. It is your most important item that will keep you connected to friends and family whilst on the move. Make sure you charge it regularly, even take spare batteries.
  • Carry food and drink. When travelling alone it may sometimes take you a while to work out your bearings, you may even find yourself stuck somewhere. If so, make sure you have enough food and drink on you to keep going – especially if it is hot.
  • Go on group tours. They are a great way to meet new people and will allow you to explore a destination in detail, safely.
  • Settle into the place you are visiting. Get a feel for where you are staying (E.g. take a bus tour around a city). Don’t rush yourself – spend two or three days getting comfortable with your surroundings.
  • Being excited and nervous are two feelings that can easily be confused. Don’t confuse them.
  • Trust your instincts. If a situation doesn’t feel right then trust your own inner judgement.
  • You don’t have to solo travel the whole time. Why don’t you arrange for a friend to visit you for part of the journey?

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