Destination fitness, be healthier abroad

You’re going on holiday, which means you have an escape from healthy eating… or do you? That beach could be a dream of calorific cocktails or fatty phantasmagoria. Alternatively you may want to go for a run. Why not give your body a healthy holiday? Welcome it to destination fitness!

Running on beach

Choose your hotel/villa wisely
Even budget hotels these days can come with gym facilities or a pool. You may even find a villa with a shared or dedicated pool. Using private facilities such as these may be a great way to find a routine abroad and a method for avoiding tourist areas that may get in the way of your fitness efforts.

Get on a bicycle
Travelling by bicycle is a great way to get somewhere faster than walking whilst admiring the environment around you. It’s also extremely healthy. When booking your holiday check to see if there is a local bicycle hire shop nearby and plan a route through foreign countryside. It can be a great way to escape the crowds of tourists and see bits of a destination that can remain hidden away.

Swim in the sea
If you’re near the sea and it’s safe to swim in, then take a dip. You could swim 500 metres in the morning before eating an extra guilty lunch. Plan this into a 2-week holiday and you could return home extra toned.

Book a group tour
Depending on the destination you’re visiting, you may find a group tour nearby where you may be able go on a walking or cycling tour. Regardless of the fitness angle, such tours can be a brilliant way to get the most from your holiday and can result in some adventurous holiday photos!

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