4 Tips for how to travel light

The secret behind a successful backpacking, city break or business trip is to travel light. It’s like George Clooney said in the 2009 film ‘Up in the Air’ in his speech ‘What’s in your backpack?’, we carry unnecessary baggage around with us. So through our collective experience in the Explorer Travel Insurance office, we’ve come up with our top ten tips for travelling light.


Be incredibly dense
Not you, your bag. Make sure that every item in your bag is folded, rolled and tucked away to make the most of the space in your bag. Remember that some space hungry items in your bag, such as lunch boxes or shoes, have empty space within them that can be filled. You need to make sure that every inch of air is filled. Fold or roll your clothes in such a way that they only use a third of your bag’s space.

Don’t play the ‘What if?’ game
When we travel it’s common for us to pack items that make us feel good or remind us of home. We do this by playing the ‘What if?’ game. What if I make one of my three shirts dirty? What if I lose my phone? What if I get stuck in the outback? All of these questions are unlikely and will certainly fill your bag with unnecessary items. Only pack the items you will need.

Not all devices are desirable
We have devices for everything these days; making calls, taking photos, recording videos, writing documents and even health devices that can count our calories. Think carefully about what sort of electronic device you need to take on your holiday. These days’ smartphones can serve as a universal device – saving you space!

Don’t forget security
It’s important to travel light but don’t let this be to the determent of your personal security. Always carry your ID documents and your money in separate pockets in your bag or make sure they are kept entirely separate, such as in your coat. If you’re travelling as a couple then perhaps delegate who carries which valuables each day.



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