5 Random travel gadgets you didn’t realise you needed

If you’re the sort of person who believes the best thing about travelling is the beautiful symbiotic relationship between humans and nature, then this article isn’t for you. This is an article for technophiles who only travel with the latest electronic devices and Internet connected totty.

Camera and landscape

If you’re planning to go on holiday later this year, then consider buying yourself:

Smart Wi-Fi cameras
We all take pictures whilst on holiday but this can lead to the same old worries. What happens if I lose my camera? What happens if I run out of memory space? Thankfully your photos will be kept completely safe with a Wi-Fi camera, as your photos are automatically uploaded online (publicly or privately). There are a number of these sorts of cameras available online, just do a quick search.

Meerkat app
There is a new smartphone app on the market called Meerkat that allows people to live broadcast video directly to Twitter. Rather than waiting to share all of your photos and videos online after your holiday, why not do it live? Just download the Meerkat app and live broadcast from the beech. Nice.

Noise cancelling earphones
Funnily enough, travelling can often involve a lot of travel. This potentially means extensive car journeys, boat or plane rides. Such a time calls for headphones that can drown out the sound of engines, leaving you in a musical heaven. The best sort of earphones for this job are noise cancelling, there are plenty to choose from.

A digital tyre inflator
If you’re using a hire car when away then this is a gadget for you It’s a digital tyre inflator and it will inflate your hire car’s tyres wherever you are (even in the middle of nowhere). Perfect for hire car users, as commonly these cars can come with extremely deflated tyres! Just tuck the gadget away in your boot and drive your car safely – no pressure.

eBook reader
Have you joined the eBook reading generation yet? If not, then consider it. Books are one of the heaviest items that we take on holiday. If you’re away for a fortnight, then you may even be taking three or four books along with you – that’s heavy! Get rid of this weight by choosing to use an eBook reader. These electronic devices can hold thousands of books and weigh under 1kg. Here are some of the best eBook readers available.

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