Working on the move

The advent of digital technology has made working from home easier than ever, but what about working on the move? For many travellers waiting for a train or plane is simply lost time, however, with the tips below it becomes easier to maximise your time, wherever you may find yourself.


Top Technology

However romantic the notion of sitting outside a foreign café armed only with a coffee and a notepad, working on the move generally requires some slightly more advanced technology. A laptop is an obvious start, but there are many tools that can improve your experience:

  • A travel power adapter is simply essential to the travelling professional, enabling them to plug-in and keep going while overseas.
  • A USB-charging plus is an excellent, light-weight alternative to carrying a cumbersome cable kit.
  • Although internet access can sometimes seem to be ubiquitous, this is far from the case. A roaming dongle is a useful tool to stay connected and a great back-up should wifi fail you.
  • USB memory sticks are a far from glamorous item, yet they offer a valuable means of storing work. Should your laptop be stolen or breakdown a memory stick could be the difference between inconvenience and disaster: items are replaceable, but time is not.


Apps for Success

In recent years the app market has exploded and many useful tools are now available to travellers:

  • An international phenomenon Skype is a great tool to stay in touch with online call and conference facilities that are indispensable when you can’t get to a phone.
  • Who knows where you’ll get a flash of inspiration? Audio Memos enables you to record your thoughts on the move using just your mobile.
  • Need to send a mass-mail, but away from your desk? Mail Chimp has the solution. A campaign and monitoring tool, Mail Chimp can launch documents to email lists using nothing more than a smart phone
  • Dropbox is a powerful storage tool that enables documents to be shared across users and locations, and is compatible with mobile, laptop and tablet devices.


The Perfect Workstation

When you find yourself away from your office you have a number of options as to where you’ll work. Is it better to find a piazza to send some al fresco emails, or to stay in your hotel room? A good rule of thumb is to avoid tourist sites. Not only will these tend to be noisy and busy, but they tend to be lacking in space, even for little more than you and your laptop. If you enjoy being outdoors why not try a café in a park or a local square? Another option is a café or perhaps wine bar. Not only do these venues offer tables, but many are also equipped with wifi: a valuable commodity when working remotely.

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