The low down on travel tech

55427_wild_hybrid_5We’ve all been there: flicking through an inflight shopping brochure wondering just who actually buys this stuff? Yes, travel technology has a poor reputation. However, this is not to say that there aren’t some gadgets that are worth packing. In this entry we take a quick tour of some of the best pieces of travel tech available.

Earthmate GPS by Delorme

Anyone planning on travelling off the beaten track would do well to invest in the Earthmate GPS by Delorme. This palm-sized pad not only has a highly-sensitive GPS system, but can also deliver one-way email messages. Unlike mobile phone devices it operates via satellite, and can thus be utilised in even the most remote location. The Eathmate GPS is also solar powered, meaning that even if you can’t get to a plug, you’ll still be able to track your location and call for help if necessary.

Innex ElectroHUB

The Innex ElectroHUB is a life-saver. A wireless charger that can work on up to six items at any one time, the Innex ElectroHUB works from everything from mobile phones to e-readers, all running off a single wall socket. Although you’ll need to insert ElectroHUB batteries into your devices for them to charge wirelessly, this is a small price to pay for the convenience of travelling without multiple power cords. At just 300grams, the ElectroHUB is lightweight and easily transportable: a bonus for anyone packing light.

ChicBuds: The Thumb-Sized Speakers

ChicBuds have made a name for themselves with their brightly-coloured retractable ear buds. However, ChicBuds have now moved beyond in ear audio and produced a range of travel speakers, which are small enough to fit on a keycahin. These thumb-sized speakers give 2-watts of amplification, with four hours of playback from a single charge. Compatible for almost any audio device, these are a small, sleek solution to your amplification needs on the road.

The iPower Charger

It seems apple has taken over the world one phone at a time, but despite the convenience that the iphone offers it still requires regular charging, something that can’t be guaranteed while travelling. Enter the iPower, a hard-shell case that harnesses solar power to bring your apple devices back to life. With a retail price of around £75 the iPower isn’t cheap, however, for tech-savvy travellers it will doubtlessly prove to be a wise investment.

Wacaco Minipresso

Whether you’re rambling in the outback or kayaking down a river there’s always a good excuse to stop for coffee. Wacaco’s Minipresso is a must for caffeine-addicts, providing piping-hot expresso on the go. Easy to use, the Minipresso doesn’t require compressed air or electricity and is instead driven by a semi-automatic pump piston. At just under 7 inches tall, it is easily transportable and can be loaded with ground coffee, without requiring superfluous and expensive capsules.


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