Coming to a City near you; the Rugby World Cup

If you’re reading this blog post in the UK, you might have notice that the Rugby World Cup is on. And what a competition it’s turning out to be. The 20  teams are being followed around Great Britain by no less than two and half million supporters, including 440,000 international visitors and over two million British nationals. Between them all, they’ll visit eleven cities in England, Wales and Scotland including ‘new’ city venues such as Exeter and Brighton.

We suspect they won’t be too fazed by the distances involved in traversing the UK, as most of the international visitors, with the exception of our French friends, will have already made long haul trips to get here, including from as far afield as New  Zealand, Australia, Fiji and Tonga.

Having already paid for the flights and the tickets, they‘ll then spend the rest of their spending money on accommodation, more transport, meals and, we suspect, one or two drinks.

Between them all, it’s calculated that they’ll spend between £3.5m and £197m in the 11 host cities. As the country’s capital city, London will grab the lion’s share of this pot, but then it is hosting seventeen of the matches.

But the economic benefits of the cup will be shared right around the country. Taking Exeter and Newcastle as just two examples, its estimated that in Exeter the tournament will generate economic output of £39 million and, of this, £17 million will be added to the local economy. For Newcastle, the tournament is estimated to generate economic output of £93 million and of this, £43 million will be added to the local economy.

For the UK tourism industry as a whole then, the RWC is expected to generate a whopping £957m.

And the numbers just keep going up. According to an economic impact study carried out for the Rugby World Cup 2015 organising committee by EY, their calculations predict the RWC will generate up to £2.2 billion of output into economy.

More importantly, they predict it will support up to 41,000 jobs around the country. That’s a lot of bottle washers.


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