The true value of a logo


Seeing the ABTA logo gives holiday makers confidence. And makes them more inclined to spend more money with the holiday provider. Research carried out by ABTA last month shows the true value of their brand. It revealed that nearly three quarters of the survey respondents  (73%)  said they “feel more confident booking a holiday with a company that is a member of ABTA”. Interestingly, the logo seemed to give them the confidence to incur more cost too. Over half (56%) said they would potentially spend up to £25 more to book with an ABTA member whilst 78% said they would potentially spend £10 more.

TV images of holiday makers stuck at airports and horror stories on social media about unfinished hotels no doubt play their part in helping  drive people towards seeking out ABTA members only, but the organisation has done a good job in promoting itself as a provider in times of crisis. In fact, this is the service that consumers prize most highly from ABTA, followed by its Code of Conduct, then its role in setting standards and the financial protection that it offers. The research also suggested that consumers value its customer helpline and complaint resolution service.

Awareness of the organisation remains high in the UK with a 71% public recognition factor. In fact, after ABTA, ATOL is the next most recognised travel brand (59%) followed by IATA (31%) and AITO bringing up the rear with 8%.

Marketing folk are quick to tell you that reputations are hard won and easily lost (Ask VW’s marketing team; but only if you can get them to answer the phone!), so we think the ABTA team are to be congratulated for building such a position of trust amongst the UK’s travelling public.

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