Travel; what the future holds

2030 may seem so far in to the future that it should it should belong to a science fiction film, but its only 15 years away and and such, is already beginning to feature in market research reports. Euromonitor International has just published one that tries to make some forecasts about what the future traveller in 2030 might look like.

As over a billion extra people will be travelling by then (!), it predicts that responsible tourism will become increasingly important and necessary. Top destinations, already overcrowded now, may suffer  from ‘excessive tourism’, and popular sites may be forced to introduce advance booking systems. We at Explorer Travel Insurance  predict that they might be needed well before 2030 but we’re prepared to be guided by the experts….

The travelling population will have significantly ‘aged’ by then, so that a much higher proportion of the total travelling population will fall into the senior or even elderly categories. This will provide the travel industry with several challenges, not the least accessibility and of course, access to emergency services and other health related  services. And as these elderly travellers will be both more affluent and adventurous, expect to see defibrillators in some pretty unusual places!

Internet connectivity will, of course, be omni-present, cheap as chips and always on. In fact travellers in 2030 will not believe that places in the world had existed without the internet. Wi-fi will be available anywhere in the world. Whether this will add to the travellers’ enjoyment or take away from it is probably a 2015 thought.

Despite this, the report believes that “authenticity  and unique experiences will grow in importance” and that “destinations will struggle to maintain their offerings without becoming too mainstream”.

Given their misgivings and dire predictions, perhaps travelling in 2015 doesn’t’ look quite so bad.

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