100 reasons to go on holiday

The Sunday Times ‘Best 100 Holidays’ always makes for an interesting read. And this year’s is no exception. The newspaper’s editorial claims that the 44 page special is an ‘annual reader favourite’ and it’s certainly a comprehensive supplement including numerous sections dedicated to Beach, Culture, Active, Food & drink, Luxury, Wilds, Journeys and Cruise holidays.

While many favourites have re-appeared (the editors’ choice of a ‘trending’ destination for Culture is …New York. Really? Again?), we’ve picked out what we think represented genuinely new, interesting or just plain quirky ideas for your holiday in 2016.

‘Camping in a ‘copter’ caught our eye. A Westland Wessex helicopter has been parked (landed?) at a campsite on the Isle of Wight where its interior has been stripped out and replaced with a kitchen, bedrooms and bathroom. With more defence spending cuts on the way, could this be a sign of things to come for the Royal Navy?

This year’s supplement introduced us to a new term ‘GUFUs’ which stands for Grown-up Family Unit. Apparently – and hold onto your hats here – 16-to 25-year olds are increasingly choosing to go on holiday with their parents.  We suspect that ‘choosing’ is too strong a word but as the bank of mum and dad is still open then a cheap holiday with them or no holiday at all makes it a no-brainer.

‘Cycling through a zebra crossing’ in Kenya (in at this  year’s no 43) seemed like a once-in-a-lifetime holiday. (Especially if you don’t look both ways). The seven night trip includes a 30 mile ‘dash’ past herds of zebra in the Lewa Wildlife conservancy.

‘Survive Sussex with Ray Mears’ included three days spent ‘in the badlands of East Sussex’. We’re all for talking things up, but East Sussex a badland?

Finally, the ‘Highest Slide at Sea’ (in this year at no 92) starts some 100 feet above pool deck and is provided courtesy of Royal Caribbean’s ‘Harmony of the Seas’ cruise liner which debuts this May. Of course, the slide is just part of a cruise package that will include a funfair, ice rink and climbing wall.

So what holidays topped and tailed the list? Leading the pack at no 1 was a ‘Brittany Safari’ whilst bringing up the rear (at no 100) was a ‘Danube Debut’. Read into that what you will.



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