We’re Five Years Old Today

Today is a big day for us at Explorer Travel Insurance, as we celebrate our fifth birthday. Like any five-year-old, we’re pretty excited at the prospect and we’re definitely having a birthday cake.

So rather than comment on stories that we see in the press (and which we think the readers of our blog might be interested in) we thought we’d make ourselves the main news item for this week’s post.

(It’s just for this week and we promise that normal service, as they say, will be resumed next week).

Explorer Travel Insurance  – was – and remains – the brainchild of our founder and MD, Ian Jennings. So who better to ask what the last five years at Explorer have been like and what his plans are for the company in the future?

Ian. What motivated you to set up Explorer Travel Insurance?

“There was a real opportunity to create a business & brand that provided quality, good value travel insurance, particularly to those customers aged 65 years and over and with medical conditions.  I would like to think that, five  years on, I was on the right track”.

What have been the highlights so far?

Selling our first policy (!) and, in fact, each and every sale since then – it’s great that so many customers trust us to provide cover for their holiday.

What are your future plans for the company?

 I don’t like to look too far ahead, but I’m committed to retaining Explorer’s exceptional customer service culture, with travel insurance at our core, where we treat each person we speak to as an individual, with individual needs and requirements.

You’ve had a lengthy career in travel insurance industry. What do you see happening to it in the future?

 Well. Statistics show that by 2020 there’ll be more people living in the UK that are over 50 than under 50. That ‘baby boom bulge’ will eventually all be aged over 65 and so , hopefully, many of them will become our customers.

Thanks Ian and happy birthday Explorer!


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