Northern Lights Still a ‘Must See’ for the Over 50s

What is it with the older generation and the Northern Lights? According to research just published by the popular website www.silvertraveladvisor, this destination came out top in a silver travellers’ destination wish list. (In deference to the average age of the respondents, we’ve avoided using the term ‘bucket list’ here).

The Aurora Borealis, to give them their proper name, are all to do with our relationship with the sun, and are actually ‘collisions between electrically charged particles from the sun that enter the earth’s atmosphere’. More importantly – and for the less scientifically interested amongst us –  they provide a fantastic – free – show of colour and movement and, being naturally created, represent a degree of ‘randomness’ as well. Whatever it is about them, it does it for the over 50s.

So what other destinations are proving popular amongst this age group? Not surprisingly, given the costs and amount of time involved, ‘Spending a Weekend in Venice’ (38%) came in at second place beating a ‘Round the World Cruise’ into third place (30%). These are two destinations at different ends of the scale when it comes to wardrobe planning and just about everything else that goes with holiday planning.

The Queen – who clearly falls into the silver surfer category herself – would no doubt be delighted to see that ‘The Scottish Highlands’ (27%) reeled past ‘Going on a Safari’ (23%), especially as she was on a safari herself when the news came through that she had inherited the throne. Going on a Safari in turn squeezed past ‘Australia and New Zealand at 26%. These twin destinations in turn trumped ‘Las Vegas’ (17%), ‘the Pyramids’ (13%) and ‘The Rainforest’ (11%).

However, we do have a sneaking admiration for the very small minority (2%) that came in last place but declared their favourite destination to be…a nudist holiday! The amount of wardrobe planning that would need to go on prior to these holidays must be, well, negligible and to you brave souls (especially if holidaying in the British Isles) we salute you!


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