Time to Travel Without a Fizzy Drink

‘Something for everyone’ is usually how Chancellors describe their own budgets. And this week’s budget proved to be no exception with most of us benefiting from it in some way (or so he would have you believe). But how did the ordinary traveller do and what impact will it have on our future travel plans?

Luckily for those taking out travel insurance, the Chancellor did not raise the Insurance Premium Tax on travel insurance any further.  Mind you, it’s already set at 20% so he probably knew to leave well alone. Not so for car insurance policies and the like that go up by 0.5%.

For those travelling by car, then the no change in fuel duty will have helped and, if it was a particularly stressful journey, the fact that Duty on beer, cider and spirits was unchanged will have helped too.

But if you needed a sugary drink to help your journey then prepare to be disappointed in the future because the Chancellor intends to put a levy on soft drinks with more than 5g of sugar per 100ml. It won’t come into effect until 2018 so there is still time to find another source of energy. (Although Lucozade drinkers need not worry as it contains less sugar than this).

Future drivers on the M62 may have cause to thank this Chancellor as he has agreed to accelerate crucial improvement works on this heavily congested road.

And future rail travellers may also have cause to thank him as well as he pledged £80m to fund the drawing up of plans for a £28 billion Crossrail 2 scheme in the South-East with a further £135m to be made available to develop plans for major rail and road projects in the north of England as well (part of his much vaunted Northern Powerhouse project). These will include a High Speed 3 route and a trans-Pennine tunnel.

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