Standing Room Only at the Rosedene Visitor Attraction. All Twelve of You

Spare a thought for those running the Rosedene visitor attraction in Worcester. Why? Because only 61 people visited it in 2014. Which meant that it topped Visit Britain’s Annual Survey of the ‘Top Ten Least Visited Attractions in England’.

Averaging just five visitors a month, the former Chartist cottage clearly doesn’t exactly pull in the punters. Despite the National Trust’s best efforts to promote the venue, calling it “a truly unique opportunity to step back in time and experience staying in one of the few remaining Chartist cottages in the UK”, perhaps some visitors find the subject a bit dry; Chartism was apparently a movement in the Victorian times that demanded changes to the electoral system.

More likely, its due to the fact that it’s only possible to look round Rosedene – by guided tour – on the first Sunday of the month between March and December. That, or the fact that due to its tiny size, only 12 people can squeeze in at a time. And you have to book in advance.

Oh, and looking round the house is not free either.

Still, full marks to Rosedene for entering the survey in the first place. The survey is not compulsory, which means it’s possible there are other attractions that had even fewer visitors that are not on the list. (We think Rosedene might have been hoping they would enter but they decided against it at the last minute leaving Rosedene to to claim the first prize).

We also think those living near Bromsgrove should make more of a concerted effort to visit Rosedene this year and so knock it off the top spot. Failing that, they should try and call in at either St Andrew’s Church in County Durham or the The Straw Museum in Norfolk which both came in joint second place, both receiving 97 visitors.


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