12 Tips to Planning a Great Summer Holiday

We Brits attach a lot of importance to our summer holidays. It’s why we’ll spend up to two months of our annual salary on them. So if they mean that much to us, it’s best that we squeeze every last drop of value from them. Here’s a dozen of our top tips that we hope will ensure yours is worth every penny.

  1. Find out what everyone wants before you go

It seems obvious but asking each member of the holiday party what they want from the holiday before you all go on it prevents arguments happening whilst away. The greater the differences in answers (‘I want to party all night and sleep all day’ versus ‘I want to shop ’til I drop’) means you’ll need to work out some compromises.

  1. Make an itinerary

This needn’t account for every minute of the day (it’s why you’re going on holiday in the first place) but having some sort of plan helps give the days more structure and means you don’t miss out on things.

  1. Check your passports

It’s easy to do, but according to a survey carried out by the ‘Daily Mail’, 53% of people had no idea when their passport expired. Finding that information out whilst on your way to the airport does not make for a comfortable journey

  1. Take out appropriate travel insurance
  1. We would say that wouldn’t we? But it’s because we hear of so many holidays being ruined.
  1. Buy currency early 

Buying your holiday currency at the airport means you’ll have up to 20% less money to spend on holiday. Better to buy it early.

 Get an EHIC card

If your holidaying in Europe, make sure you get (and take with you) a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). It will save you loads of hassle in the event that you have to go to hospital whilst abroad.

  1. Weight your luggage before you go

The scales at the airport are not rigged and they don’t lie. And the check-in staff have heard it all before. In any event, are you really sure you need to take that many pairs of shoes?

  1. Take hard copies of all relevant forms

Booking and paying for everything online is great when things go well. When things start to unravel, having hard copies to hand could make all the difference between having a hotel bed, or not. Brandishing a piece of paper is a great response to ’I’m sorry, you don’t appear to be in our system’.

  1. Know your travel times

You’re about to go on holiday, right? A time to relax and unwind. So why have you decided to see if you can make it to the airport in record time? ‘Please allow plenty of time’ is the mantra of the travel industry for good reason.

  1. Pack plenty of games

Of course children can amuse themselves, but wouldn’t it be kinder to take along a selection of games for them? And not just electronic ones. Good old fashioned puzzles, cards and colouring books always go down well. And not just with the children. The current craze for adult colouring books has led to global shortage of coloured pencils!

  1. Check the sockets

Naturally you’ll be packing lots of electrical devices including battery chargers, hair dryers and cameras. But wouldn’t it be great to know that you can plug it all in when you get there? Check out what adapters you’ll need before you go and, if there’s lots of you, write your initials on them in indelible ink.

  1. Let everyone know you’re going on holiday 

Not because you want to brag, but because your neighbours can keep an eye on your property while you’re gone, your work colleagues can leave you off email lists and your boss can learn to live without you. Being ‘always on’ should apply only to fridges, not humans.

Happy hols!

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