Can I Borrow Your Garden For a Meeting?

Most of you will have sat in a windowless conference room listening to a speaker delivering a powerpoint presentation.  Because most people have, the numbers involved in travelling to and from meetings, conferences and events accounts for a huge proportion of the travel industry’s revenue.

Hotels, cities, regions and even countries (Dubai is currently winning) all compete to attract the greatest number of delegates and the industry’s most creative brains compete to come up with innovative ways to build teams and motivate staff.

So hats off to Vrumi, who we think have come up with the most creative idea so far; allowing people, including individuals, groups, or businesses, to book unused rooms during the daytime.

According to Vrumi’s head of content Asim Haneef, the idea behind Vrumi isn’t just about office space – it’s just about space. “Perhaps you want to book someone’s spare room, or need a lounge to carry out a yoga session with a couple of people. Or maybe you want to host a lunch meeting in someone’s kitchen”, he was reported as saying.

Although it may appear farfetched, the company is part of the UK’s growing interest in the sharing economy, a growth that saw the number of visits to website offering these services tripling in 2016.

Perhaps best known is Airbnb, but other sites are seeing rapid growth too, including Love Home Swap, CouchSurfing and Flat Club.

The company started life in London where, the company argued, hundreds of thousands of properties are unoccupied all day, and hundreds of thousands of owners have mortgages to pay.  On the face of it, therefore, this seems a great idea.

The company has plans to roll out the scheme across the country although when we last checked, the hotels in Westcliff- on- Sea, (where our office is located) needn’t worry too much just yet; the only meeting room available on the site in our town would hold just one person. And they’d have to stand as there was no room for a chair.

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