Warning. This Blog Post is Not About Brexit

OK. Confession time. This week’s blog post should be about Brexit and the effect it’ll have on our readers. But we thought you might’ve had enough of Brexit and want some light relief instead. In which case, read on.

To say that we live in a changing world would be a massive understatement, and nowhere has the world changed more than our working environment. Technology has released us from the office desk and we can now – within limits – work where we want, when we want and wearing what we want. 9 to 5 has given way to Flexitime and now ‘agile working’. Fixed hours contracts have given way to zero hours contracts.

The ‘gig’ economy may offer workers less security, but a lot more fun. And workers could be in for a real treat if the next big thing catches on; unlimited paid holiday.

Yes. You read that right. Unlimited paid holiday. It’s actually been around since 2004, when Netflix first implemented the idea for its staff (presumably to encourage them to watch even more films). Richard Branson is a big fan (ditto to get his staff flying in his planes) and we’ve since found lots of other companies who’ve offered it to their staff.

This idea, we thought, would be ripe for abuse with hundreds of staff simply staying at home – and not even bothering to call in sick. The reality, however, has proved to be quite the opposite and for one company, software firm Buffer, their experience was that their staff weren’t taking any holiday at all!

Our first thoughts were that the company paid its staff well over the odds and gave them massages at their desks every morning. But the fact was that they have been able to attract highly motivated staff, who just love what they do. (Building a social media tool so we’re presuming they’re pretty geeky anyway).

So as to encourage their staff to take some holiday, they’ve now introduced a policy where they pay them $1,000 to take one.

Unlimited paid holiday and $1,000 every time you take one. The world just got weirder in our view.



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