Anything to Declare? Yes. A Dyson

Right. Bags packed for the holiday. Let’s just recheck that we’ve got everything. Passports, check. Money, check. Vacuum cleaner, check.

Wait. Did you say vacuum cleaner? Well, in some UK households, the answer would be ‘yes’.

Online electrical retailer AO recently carried out a survey to see what we Brits packed for our hols. The results show that we remain a pretty eccentric nation. Check out some of the items that go into our bags.

We think taking tea, toilet roll and chocolate probably isn’t being eccentric, just practical. As is taking a kettle to make the tea (just).

Hair straighteners probably represents a sensible decision, especially if you don’t like the frizzy look in your holiday snaps.

Marmite always divides people. If you love it then best take it with you because you won’t be able to buy it where you’re going. If you hate it, then it won’t be in the house in the first place.

Ready meals, such as pot noodles, probably doesn’t constitute being eccentric either, unless you’re the chef at the hotel where you’re staying who’ll struggle to see what their attraction is compared with the food that he’s just prepared.

Keyboards, microwaves and vacuum cleaners must look a bit strange to your fellow holiday makers and we do wonder what they’d make of those of you (one in ten according to the survey)  who take their own mattresses.

And last but not least, spare a thought for those who like to pack their own toilet seats. We do know that creature comforts are important when holidaying, but wonder what has to be  left behind so these seats can get packed, especially if you’re flying hand luggage only.

Given that AO carried out the survey, it’s perhaps not that surprising to see that so many electrical items get the nod. We’d be intrigued to see the result if B&Q did it. Now, where did I put that electric drill?




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