Passengers Are Not Allowed To Float In The Cabin

Wanted. Space Tour Guide. Must be able to cope with weightlessness and be prepared to travel long distances. A report published this week by Microsoft and the Future Laboratory suggests that a space tour guide will be one of the numerous new jobs that will be required in the future but have not yet been created. Other jobs include a ‘human body designer, biohacker and virtual habitat designer’.

The space tour guide position has been mooted because companies such as Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin are planning on taking passengers into suborbital space, and those passengers will, the report suggests, need a guide.

Despite having Explorer in our company name, (and so consider ourselves to be pretty intrepid), we at Explorer Travel Insurance were intrigued as to what this guide might actually do whilst on-board.

Clearly, showing where the exit doors are in case of an emergency won’t be required and serving drinks whilst free of gravity is going to prove a challenge. But the occasional messages from the crew might be more interesting (“for those seated on the left of the aircraft, we are just passing Jupiter”). And what will the guides actually guide the passengers towards? Surely attendant would be a more appropriate title?

If the tour guide position gets taken, other jobs which the report suggests might become open are a Rewilding Strategist (as many species are dwindling, the Report’s authors argue, environmentalists will be looking to reintroduce native species such as wolves and elk to regions where they have been wiped out – which will take considerable conservation planning.

A Freelance Biohacker may be required because ‘we have already seen biohackers implant themselves with microchips and even try to give themselves night vision, but open source publishing, software and tools could enable anyone to participate’, suggest the geeks at Microsoft.

Although these particular jobs might appear to be far-fetched, the report predicts that ‘almost two-thirds of school students today will end up working in jobs which do not yet exist’. So interesting times ahead for the school career service.

But more worryingly for those students about to return to University at the end of the summer, is the report’s other prediction, that ‘only a third of university students believe their chosen career will exist in 10 years’ time’. Just about the time that they will have paid off their student loan, in fact.




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