It’s A Funny Thing. Luxury

Luxury is one of those words that divides people.  One person’s luxurious holiday could be another person’s version of hell. So we always approach stories about luxury travel trends with a degree of caution.

Check out these ten luxury travel trends which a US lifestyle website thinks are the ones to watch. We certainly have our reservations about some of them!

  1.  Bucket list Experiences
  2.  Multigenerational Family Vacation
  3.  Adventures that give back
  4.  Cuisine from Celebrity Chefs
  5.  Cutural Bonding
  6.  Pop-culture Insired traveling
  7.  High—tech hotels
  8.  Luxury Flying Experiences
  9.  Luxury Yachting Experiences
  10.  Virtual Reality

We had no problem with some of these, such as the first one. Travelling to exotic places is probably on most peoples’ bucket lists. And rightly so. If you’re about to kick the bucket (so to speak) then having a great out-of-your-comfort zone experience before you go could be, er, a good warm up before the real thing.

The second one caused some heart palpitations in our office. ‘What? You mean take the whole family on our luxury holiday? Including grandma with her bad hip?’  We think this one might not fly in many UK households.

We were expecting to see luxury flying and yachting on the list, as well as the celebrity chef cuisine. And depending on how big a fan of technology you are, having a luxury holiday in a high-tech hotel may, or may not, be your idea of a good time, particularly if you can’t get the air con to work.

What we were definitely not expecting to see – particularly on a luxury travel trend list –  was virtual reality.  The website described it as ‘people get to see and feel what’s it like to be in a certain place or what the options you can choose from’. This seemed to us to defeat the object of travelling in the first place!




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