Phew. Choosing a Cruise Holiday Ain’t Easy

Did you know that an estimated 24 million people are going on a cruise holiday this year?  And that 1.8 million Brits cruised last year? That’s nearly 3% of the UK population. It’s a good thing they’re not all cruising at the same time as the onboard dinner queues could be quite long.

(Although for the rest of us left on dry land, there would be fewer queues anywhere).

Next month is national ‘Plan a Cruise’ month and, if people haven’t already booked their cruise holidays by then, they’ll be plenty of deals flying around to entice any ‘fence sitters’ to get off the fence and book.

The initiative has been dreamt up by the Cruise Lines International Association, (CLIA)  the cruise industry’s trade body which provided the numbers quoted above. Its decision to extend its hugely popular ‘National Cruise Week’ into a ‘Plan a Cruise’ month shows the huge amount of interest there is in this holiday sector.

The trade body has attracted plenty of interest from the national press too. This week saw both the Sunday Times and the Daily Mail publish special cruise supplements and we’re sure that other newspapers will be doing the same thing before next month.

In fact, the CLIA has divided the ‘Plan a Cruise’ month into several weekly promotions. So expect to see the ‘Family Friendly Cruise Week’ at the start of the month, followed by a ‘Discover Cruise Week’, ‘River Cruise Week’ and ending with a ‘Luxury Cruise Wee’k.

Confused? You will be because choosing a cruise holiday is no longer a five-minute affair. The prospective cruiser has an enormous choice of where to go (North American, South America, Antarctica(?) Europe, Caribbean, round Britain, etc), who to go with (families, singles, over sixties) and what to do whilst on-board (activities, educational, cultural, etc).

All  of these special offers take some researching too. Cruise lines are falling over themselves to welcome their would-be passengers on-board with a huge range of special deals. Three that caught our eye were:

  1. A BOGOHO deal, (no we didn’t get it at first either but it means when two adults share a stateroom, the second adult will get 50 per cent off the full adult fare)
  2. An all-inclusive deluxe drinks package
  3. A Bring A Friend offer

But there are plenty of other promotions flying around too, many of which include flights, tours and cabin upgrades.

In fact, the cruise industry’s ability to market itself  is pretty impressive, helped no doubt by the huge range of ships they have had built and the range of facilities that are now available on-board.

Many of our customers choose cruise holidays and we know from the feedback that we receive from them that these represent genuinely enjoyable holiday experiences at reasonable prices.

So would-be cruisers, sit back next month and take your pick.




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