Where The Royals Go, Tourists Follow

The bunting’s been taken down and the counting has now started. For their Canadian hosts, Will and Kate’s recent tour represented a gigantic boost for their country and smart tourists are already visiting – before the rush starts.

According to tourist authorities it’s too soon to calculate the exact financial impact that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s visit will have on the Canadian capital’s economy (where they spent most of their time) but it’s likely to be huge.

And it demonstrates the pulling power that the young royals have – especially over the media. Over one thousand members of the media came to Victoria to cover the royal visit and all will have wanted beds, meals, drinks, taxis, more drinks and plenty of internet access.

It may be too soon to calculate exactly, but that hasn’t stopped the bean counters from having a go at an estimate. From past experience, they believe every member of the media will have spent on average $500  – every day.

Allowing for a few days either side of the official seven days that the young royal couple were in Victoria, that may have already injected $5 million into the local economy.  And that’s not counting the other Canadian and US visitors who travelled to the capital in the hope of catching a glimpse of the royal couple and their children. Who may have been less thirsty but no less hungry.

The tourism department, quite rightly doesn’t want to measure the success of the tour purely in monetary terms. It would rather focus on the enormous amount of press coverage that that army of accompanying journalists will have splashed all around the world.

And not just in traditional print and broadcast media. A video uploaded by Tourism Victoria of the royal couple arriving was its best performing Facebook post ever, attracting more than 51,000 views.

Thanks to Prince William and Kate – although more likely Prince George and Princess Charlotte – Canada is now a hot destination to visit. Get there if you can.


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