Do Not Disturb. I’m Working

Vacation. Staycation. And now ‘workcation’. No. We’re not just tagging the letters ‘cation’ onto other words. This is a growing trend that is catching on.

It started in the US (where else?) and has now arrived in Ibiza. Yes, you read that right. The island otherwise known for its raves, ravers and raving other things. Apparently, the island is more peaceful out of season and this, together with the arrival of fibre optic broadband means that those that can work from the island, are choosing to do so.

Several enterprising companies on the island have now set up co-working spaces where young professionals can touch down and get some work done. Think Regus but more laid back and probably less crowded.

One company’s clients included a team of American designers who had flown over to avoid the winter in Chicago (who can blame them). The company also has clients who commute from the UK every week, arriving each Thursday and returning on Sunday.

Obviously, you have to have a pretty accommodating boss or work in an industry that doesn’t really need you in the workplace at all. This means it’s a no no if you serve drinks, are a security guard or actually make things.

But for the fortunate few, a workcation could be just the thing, especially after the Christmas season. Naturally, you’d have to be around at Christmas otherwise you’d miss out on that great British tradition; the works Christmas party.

And workcations could be great not just for the workcationer, but for tourist resorts, hotels and whole destinations too. Just think, as the deckchairs are packed away for another season, out could come the Ikea trestle tables, Lavazza coffee machines and natural mineral water.

In reality, workcationers would need other things as well as super fast broadband.

Sound proofed accommodation for one thing. Its difficult to be taken seriously on a conference call with the sound of seagulls cawing or waves crashing in the background.

You’d also need to disable the video camera whilst on skype calls as your work colleagues may not take kindly to seeing your Hawaiian T-shirt (or worse) as they unwrap layers of coats in the office.

And you’d definitely need to be careful about who has access to your electronic diary. ‘Sundowner at the Bar starting at 5.00pm’ would not constitute an important meeting in their book.




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