‘Oh We Do Like To Be Besides the Seaside’. But Where Is It?

About to fly this Christmas and not looking forward to it? Spare a thought for the 22% of Britons who have never traveled on a plane. It’s easy to imagine that everyone has experienced flying but a new survey published by a travel website – Kayak –  has revealed some surprising facts about British travel habits.

The fact that one in four Britons has yet to enjoy the delights of air travel (such as queuing, queuing and, err, yet more queuing), is pretty surprising. But equally surprising were some of the other facts that the survey revealed. Check these out.

A fifth of Brits have never visited a beach

For those crowded onto Brighton Beach earlier this year, this might take some believing. Especially as it seemed like the entire population of England, Scotland and Wales was on that beach during the summer. Depending on where these never-been-to-beachers live they’ll either be bowled over by their first time beach experience or wonder what all the fuss is about.

You might expect most of these to live in Litchfield in Staffordshire; it has a plaque indicating that its England’s furthest point from the sea – a distance of just 84 miles. 

One in four has never visited a capital city in Europe

It seems a shame to think they have never seen the Eiffel Tower lit up at night. Until you read that tourist attractions across Paris have been forced to close due to a rise in the city’s rat population!

Similarly, a stroll through the streets of Madrid sounds wonderful unless they are unfortunate enough to meet the notorious ‘Bosnian clan’. These are a group of women who have helped make Madrid one of Europe’s top five cities for pickpocketing. Other capitals in the unfortunate list include Prague and Rome; both still beautiful and well worth visiting.

A third have never travelled outside Europe

Thirty per cent stated their reason for not travelling was that it was too expensive. We’ll grant them that travelling to long haul destinations can be many times more expensive than short haul, but many of our backpacking clients also manage to get to some pretty exotic places at a remarkably low cost.

However, as 44% of the respondents said they had never tried foreign cuisine, perhaps they’re better off staying put.

Nearly one in twelve have never traveled abroad

The UK’s tourist industry may be delighted to read this. After all, why go abroad when there are some truly fantastic places to visit right here? Unfortunately, however, it’s more like that these people simply don’t have the time or money needed to travel abroad. And that is a real shame.



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