Selfie Sticks Are Here To Stay. Or Are They?

Love them or hate them, but selfie sticks are here to stay. First introduced onto the market in 2013, (just four years ago!) selfie sticks can be found popping up in every tourist attraction around the world. And not just tourist attractions. Buses, trains, even escalators all provide a backdrop where groups of people can crowd round  and ‘get in the photo’.

This explosive growth is set to continue.  A research company, imaginatively called ‘Research and Markets’ has recently announced that its adding a new report to the list of reports that can be bought from them. Its ‘Global Selfie Stick Market 2016-2020’ report is now available to buy.

According to the report (don’t worry, we didn’t buy a copy, just read the press release), they predict that the ‘global selfie stick market is to grow at a CAGR of 26.05% during the period 2016-2020”. That’s a lot of sticks.

Where there is a rapidly growing global market then you’ll find Chinese manufacturers. Thanks to them, the average cost of the selfie stick has plummeted from $30 to just $3. And thanks to them, the market now supports an entire industry dedicated to making a whole range of accessories and apps.

Taking a perfect selfie is a big challenge, and the manufacturers who have swarmed into this market have realised that people will not hesitate to bust their budget if they can get one. So to achieve that perfect click, they’ve introduced fancy lighting, high resolution add on lenses, and even wireless remotes.

Most selfies are, of course, less than perfect and the downright silly ones end up being shared on social media or even screened on TV.

But after just four years, is the end already in sight for the selfie stick? An Israeli company has recently announced that it has invented a detachable camera drone that ‘will make selfie sticks redundant’.

According to its website, ‘SELFLY is an autonomous flying camera that doubles as a phone case. To use it, you detach it from the back of your phone, toss it into the air and then regulate the picture you want to take by tapping your phone, just like an ordinary picture’.

You can see a video clip of the SELFLY by clicking here



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