Your Packing List on The Web. Whatever Next?

Going away this weekend? Don’t forget your passport. And your toothbrush. Got some local currency? Good. For some would-be travelers, packing is half the fun of the trip. But for others, it can be a real dampener, causing sleepless nights and having to make endless lists.

For those of you who fall into that category, help is at hand because PackPoint is here. Its a new ‘smart packing list app’. Yes, you read that correctly, an app that helps you pack.

For a generation that’s been brought up knowing there’s an app for everything then this will  come as no surprise. For those born before the age of the app might wonder aloud, ‘what’s wrong with making a list?’

As with many travel apps that we come across, our initial reaction is always to say ‘so what?’ but then we dig a bit deeper and see their real value. PackPoint is no exception as it claims that it will ‘organize what you need to pack based on length of travel, weather at your destination and any activities planned during your trip’.

Mmm. Now it gets interesting. You tell the app where you’re going, it then checks the local weather and then recommends a packing list based on that. So no more turning up in Mexico with an umbrella or Norway with flip flops.

So far, so good. We could even see that having PackPoint build your packing list if you were ‘hiking, traveling internationally, swimming, working, or traveling with a baby’ could be pretty useful  – although the fact that the first activity they suggested was ‘hiking’ gives some clue as to where the App developers are based And no, they’re not based in Sheffield.

As we count many many backpackers as customers, we know how important it is for travelers to share their experiences. But we were slightly surprised to see that one of the key features that PackPoint offers is the ability to ‘share your list with fellow travelers’.

According to the website, ‘as each packing list gets its own website, you can then share your website link with fellow travelers so they’ll know what to pack too’. This, to us, seemed a step too far. We’re also pretty sure that the inventors of the world wide web did not envisage it being used to compare holiday packing lists either.

You can check out the App by clicking here

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