Copenhagen Pedals To The Top Spot

Move over Amsterdam, Copenhagen is the bike capital of  the world. All capital cities work hard to be famous for something but Copenhagen is especially proud that its citizens use bikes more than cars.

And it can prove it. The city has been counting traffic twice yearly since 1970 thanks to a network of 20 permanent sensors that it installed which means it can accurately track the number and type of vehicles entering and leaving the city. This year, for the first time, the system showed more bikes entered the city than cars.

Admittedly, Copenhagen is not that big a city, compared to say, Mexico City, but  no matter. Credit where credit is due and so three cycle bell rings to the City’s burghers and citizens for their achievement.

There are lots of factors at work here including, of course, having a bike-friendly infrastructure and the gradual decline of car ownership. Add to this the Nordic’s love for healthy living and it’s no surprise that car ownership in the city is just 25%.

London’s Transport for London has taken enormous strides towards encouraging greater bike usage in the capital, including building a dedicated cycle superhighway. But it’s clearly got a long way to go before it can dislodge Copenhagen from the top spot.

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