Airport Names Can Make You Smile

 “Ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to Cristiano Ronaldo Airport, where the time is…”. From this week, aircrew welcoming passengers to the international airport at Madeira must learn a new script as the Portuguese government decided to honour their world famous footballer in the time honoured way; by naming an airport after him.

At the renaming ceremony, they also asked him to unveil a new bronze bust of himself that has already attracted widespread comment on social media. If he doesn’t like it, we  guess that he could probably afford to pay for a better one himself – his estimated annual earnings from kicking a football around in 2016 were €32 million.

The Portuguese government were following the same path taken by the French Government (Charles de Gaulle Airport) and the Americans (John F. Kennedy international). Although we think the British Government exemplified the Cool Britannia look by renaming Liverpool airport the Liverpool John Lennon Airport.

If travelling there raises a smile (which is as good a reason as any to name an airport) spare a thought for those passengers flying into Batman Airport in Turkey or Guyana’s Ogle Airport. Australia’s reputation for plain speaking extends to their airports too. It’s Useless Loop Airport is probably one best to avoid while Tanzania’s Mafia Airport might also make some passengers wonder who originally paid for its construction.

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