Edinburgh Tops the Green City Chart

 Edinburgh. The best city in the UK to see…green spaces. Nearly half (a whopping 49.2%) of the Scottish city’s landmass is still green and that puts it at number 1 in a fascinating new league table; Britain’s top ten greenest cities.

The ranking was compiled by a mapping firm called Esri UK which analysed Landsat 8 satellite images of the UK’s cities with the largest populations. And Scottish cities are clearly the places to visit if you like to combine fresh air and open spaces with more urban pastimes, because Glasgow claimed the second place in the league table with 32%. You’d then have to travel across the country to visit the third greenest, as that is Bristol with 29%.

Although London is well known for its famous parks, it only managed to come in mid table in 5th place with 23%. Birmingham squeaked past London into 4th place with 24.6%, It’s 1.6% more grass obviously making all the difference.

Sheffield, Leeds and Manchester all occupy the lower ranking positions with Liverpool squeezing into ten place, with a measly 16.4% of the famous City designated a green space. On that basis, then Edinburgh citizens have over three times more green space to play on than their Liverpudlian colleagues, who presumably have to go elsewhere to get their fresh air fix.

Whichever of these cities you live in or visit, we must all give thanks to our Victorian city fathers who incorporated so many parks into their urban plans and ensured that generations to come continue to enjoy them. (Especially the Scots).

Edinburgh’s greenness can be clearly seen in the satellite image shown above.


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