Wellington Boots London Into 33rd Place

It’s official. London has the most expensive public transport costs in the world. This will come as no surprise to the millions of commuters who make their way in and out of the capital each day, but may shock overseas tourists who might be used to cheaper costs.

Especially if they visit from Toronto, where the cost of a monthly travel card is 40% cheaper (just £80) compared with the £135 they’d pay in London.

Deutsche Bank (which employs staff all over the world so probably wants to know about these things, especially if they’re offering staff travel concessions) recently carried out a survey comparing monthly travel costs around the world. London, not surprisingly, came out top, followed by Dublin (which did surprise us), then Auckland (which surprised us even more).

In it’s reply, Transport for London (TfL), somewhat sniffily, said the findings did “not show the true cost of transport in other countries”.  Maybe. But attempting to put the blame on how the survey was conducted doesn’t really address the issue. London, despite all its charms, is a very expensive place to live.

It’s high costs – together with other factors such as crime, pollution and commuting time, helped push the capital into 33rd place for quality of life, along with other megacities, such as Tokyo, Paris and New York.

According to the report’s authors, the absolutely best place to live in the world when it comes to quality of life is…Wellington, in New Zealand.

Now we have nothing against Wellington (in fact we’ve heard it’s a beautiful city) but we do wonder why an estimated 60,000 Kiwis choose to live here instead?

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