Even Captains Of Industry Have to Economise

You know that we live in an age of austerity when the Financial Times newspaper publishes an article entitled ‘Five tips for travelling at the back of a plane’. Despite being the paper that all business people love to read (or say they love to read) the FT recognises that most companies are forcing their staff, including senior ones, to turn right on entering the aircraft and not stop until they reach their seats right at the back.

Business trips have always sounded a lot more glamorous than they really are and when airlines such as BA take away the free drinks trolley, or finance directors quibble about only using low cost carriers, these trips can turn nightmarish. Here’s the five tips that the FT offered its readers.

  1. Employ the Saturday night ploy (the idea here being that airlines reduce their prices at the weekend so offering the better chance of an upgrade. Clearly, old habits die hard)
  2. Study the seats
  3. Never pay for in-air food
  4. Use the airline lounge
  5. Try the alliance partners

Some of these tips may still  be beyond the realm of the ordinary traveler more used to travelling in economy (such as paying to use an airline lounge), but it’s good to see the nation’s captains of industry are doing their bit during these belt-tightening times.

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