Look Straight Ahead and Don’t Look Down

Amusement parks spend millions trying to out-do each other offering the most scary rides to thrill seekers. First invented in the US, other countries, most notably Dubai, have quickly caught up. But the entrance fees have increased at the same speed as the rides.

Those in danger of being left behind should consider visiting Switzerland instead. Not because the country has built a new amusement park, but because it has just opened the longest pedestrian bridge in the world.

‘Pah’, we hear veterans of the Kingda Ka* say, ‘what’s the big deal there?’ Well, the bridge just happens to be 1621 feet in length and at times is suspended 279 feet above a gorge. And according to Daniel Luggen, director of Zermatt Tourism, “The thrill experienced high over the precipice is indescribable.”

The Charles Kuonen Suspension Bridge was opened last month and offers hikers views of the Matterhorn, Weisshorn and Bernese Alps. More importantly it spans the valley between the towns of Zermatt and Grächen and cuts the journey across the valley from three to four hours to a mere 10 minutes. The total journey time between Zermatt and Grächen is about two days!

Thrill seekers will be pleased to hear how another spokesperson for the travel board described it, “People who have problems with a fear of heights”, she said, “they have to close their eyes, or have someone to walk just behind,” Sounds like heaven then.

Click here to watch a video of the bridge

*the world’s longest steel roller coaster drop located at the Six Flags Great Adventure Park

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